Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wednesday Update

Halfway through week 4 and on track. I had a great break through Monday. I had my dentist appointment scheduled for Monday night to start getting my work done. I knew I'd be home late and wouldn't want to exercise. I figured I had 3 options - work out in the morning, go to the community center after work or just suck it up and exercise when I got home. I prayed a lot and God gave me the strength to get up early and exercise before work!! Wow, it felt tremendous, what a note to start the week!!

Last night I was out late at the mall unexpectedly. I didn't get in my walking at home but since I spent over an hour walking in the mall I guess that counts. Today I've got the chiropractor before work then out with the gang for Diane's 50th tonight so it's my scheduled night off.

Ok so now about the dentist. I really don't know why I'm so reluctant. On Monday he started the work, doing my lower right side. It's a little sensitive still but seems to be okay. When I think about it, I'm really happy to be getting it done. It's actually a great relief. Next step is the root canal, I have to make the appointment for that.

Friday I have the day off. It's the weekend for Derek's Mego Meet in Wheeling WV. We stop off in Niagara Falls to pick up the storable food shipment, then on to WV for Friday & Saturday. Sunday we head out to Florence, Kentucky to visit the Creation Museum. Perry has invited us to dinner Sunday night and then Monday we get a tour of the Answers in Genesis offices. The weekend will be busy but a lot of fun. God continues to open doors with the AIG group.

So that's a bit of my week. Lots more going on at work and home, too much to write this morning //:-) for now I have to finish up and get ready for my busy day!! Talk later.

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