Thursday, February 02, 2006

Onward & Upward

Well, D has had lots of news. First about the bank, he met with them and they took all the details. It’s been passed upwards for approval and they were supposed to get back to us yesterday, but so far no news. D claims that no news is good news, since it means we haven’t been turned down yet. I however, am more pessimistic and think that no news is definitely NOT good news. But it’s not like I’m worried about it. I know that it is all in God’s hands and if the financing with TD does not come through, then it’s not meant to be. There are other banks, or maybe we’re not supposed to get financing at this time. God has definitely been moving us away from more debt, so it’s a good possibility. On the surface it would be a setback, but if we’re meant to move, then it’s up to God to make it happen. And he will, but in his own perfect way. So, on one hand I’m anxious to know the answer, but not stressed or anything over it.

D has also had very big news about his new-old job. It looks like there may be a promotion in the works, as well as a move to a full government unionized job. It would mean a job with full benefits and job security. I’ve always felt that he would eventually be made a government employee, but now it looks like it’s really going to happen within the next year to year and a half. They’ve also promised a cost of living increase as of April. If everything goes through the way it’s shaping up, he will definitely be making more than I am at present. Which again, I’ve felt God really urging me that my job has to take a backseat to D’s, and that it’s time for him to be in the lead. Amazing how everything works out.

Oh well, that’s the news. Like I said yesterday, it seems the mission is picking up again. I dropped off the package, turns out it was for unit 80. They spoke English and were quite thankful that I’d taken the time and effort to deliver the package. That was all for the time being, no real opportunity to talk, but again it’s in God’s hands and we all know that he can do miracles with very little – like a couple of fish and loaves of bread…

A New Year ... A new update

February 1, 2006

Well I haven’t written since before Christmas. A lot has happened, but not that much with regards to the mission. Christmas has come and gone, and a new year started. Much like the old year, if the truth be told.

The focus has been away from the mission and more on other matters like the family’s health. J has been diagnosed and is doing better. The adjustment to her meds has been relatively smooth, for which we are really thankful.

Both Mom E and Carm have quit smoking, as well as Shar. 2 directly because of Mom D, and Carm for reasons of her own. I’ve made a commitment to exercise and eat better, mainly in the hopes of losing weight, but also for the future of my health. I’ve joined the gym and signed up for 10 weekly sessions with one of the trainers. I’m into week 3, sore but encouraged. There are days it’s really difficult and eating better is always a challenge, but I must persevere.

Portico is going in a new direction for the new year. I am amazed as always at how it mirrors my own devotional messages. I’ve also taken advantage of the new year to address my spiritual health. I’ve been doing daily devotions, picked up a good book and dragged one of my books on prayer out as well. Again, I’m making progress. It’s encouraging to hear the messages reflected back from the pulpit as well. I know that God is with me and is guiding me. The focus over the past few weeks has been the “power of everyone” and a concerted effort for all in the congregation to tithe. God has shown me that we need to be tithing on our gross, so I’ve been implementing that.

And now we’re into February… and the mission seems to be stepping up again. D has renewed his friendship with C & S. We’re going with them to New York for the big toy show in a couple of weeks. Talk about a mission field right there. Then earlier this week we had a package delivered to us that is for one of the neighbours. I need to contact them and find out their unit so I can deliver it to them. Another possible outreach. These things I leave in God’s hand. I make the initial contact and let God lead where he will.

In January we went and saw Narnia with D & M, and then out to dinner. It was nice to get back together with them. I’ll need to follow up, maybe this weekend.

So God is constantly opening doors in our present location, and we finally got the final papers from the trustee, so hopefully things will pick up again with the move. D has his meeting with the bank today, so that should be interesting.