Monday, February 24, 2014


In doing this study, God gave me a great AH HA moment that I was just sharing with my daughter last night. In all my past attempts to lose weight, there has always been that magic number I wanted to get to. However, as soon as I saw some progress that I could cling to, I would settle and give up. This always fed the negative talk track that has been constant in my life. So, I always held up that ‘magic number’. If I could just persevere and get to that goal, my life would be golden. My AH HA moment came when I realized that I needed much more than that. I needed to change my lifestyle for good, not reach some number on the scale. And that floored me, I didn’t see how I could do that. Really it was that moment that solidified my need for God in this struggle and that was where courage showed up. Courage to admit that I couldn’t do it, courage to reach out and ask God, courage to trust him enough to listen and follow, courage to give up the dream of that magic number and golden life, and finally courage to stop the negative tape running over and over in my head and replace it with good thoughts. Courage to recognize the good things about myself and build up rather than tear down. Thank you LORD for all the courage you have poured into me i 6 short weeks, and the love that you followed it up with. This has truly been a life changing study and now that my eyes have been opened, I know I will not go back.. But I need courage daily to remain firm in you to make sure I don’t stall out and keep going on the path as I experience success. I don’t want that old pattern of settling for a small success, I want to reach the vision YOU have of me.