Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3 - caffeine + root canal = tough night

So today will be my 3rd day sans caffeine. Praise God it has not been particularly challenging. The headache started before bed on Sunday and I took a migraine pill. That was the worst night, then Monday was pretty rough. Made it through thanks to a steady stream of Advil.

Monday night my I had my root canal scheduled. It's always easier than I expect it to be. Lots of prayer while sitting in that chair!! And thanks that I have a dentist I like and trust. Last night was tough again but easier than Sunday. Now hopefully I am over the worst of it. I just tell myself that this has to be the last time I do this to myself. I have been convinced for some time now of the negative impacts of caffeine on my body. It is evident in the withdrawals I go through. I have started to think of caffeine like smoking. It's bad for me and simply not worth it.

Tonight I get back to my exercise again too.

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