Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday Victory

It's Friday and I've had another successful week. I shocked Derek and pleased myself last night when I got up after a late dinner and some TV to exercise before bed!! It was 9:30 and I knew I needed to exercise but had been moving slow all night and was tired. At 9:30 I realized it was now or never so I moved my sorry butt, put on my running shoes and told Derek I'd see him in 30 mins. I put on my headphones, keyed up an episode of Undercover Boss on my iPhone and off I went. The half hour passed before I knew it. As an added kicker, Robert was downstairs with me the whole time! (I have a thing about people watching me exercise or weigh myself)

Yesterday at lunch the whole weight loss thing came up and I shared quite a bit about my new change. I am getting more open - at least a bit more - about the role my faith plays in my plan. I am confident by this time next year I will be a lot more fit and a lot more slender, so I guess I'm setting the groundwork now for the questions I know will come and the explanations I'll be asked to share. I'm not good at sharing my faith in the work environment but I know God will give me the words if I ask.

Today will be a crazy day as its month end, but then I have the weekend before me. Lots to do at home getting the kitchen back together after Derek's work he did last week.

Yesterday Jan called me to tell me the townhouse is up for sale. It was very surreal to look at pictures of our old home a couple of years later. Pictures that were taken by someone else. It doesn't look like they made any changes at all. I guess that's a testimony to the work we did.

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