Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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Spiritual Gifts & Temperament

Yesterday I was browsing around on the net and decided to do some research on Pastor Rogers church. Most days I listen to one of Adrian Rogers podcasts as part of my devotional. (As an aside, I've realized I need to contribute to this ministry that has been such an influence over the past year or so in my life) Anyway, I know Pastor Rogers has passed away. The web for his podcast ministry has been set up separate from his old church, which is how it should be, but I got to thinking about that church. Where is it, who is the pastor now, etc. How is it doing with a new person in control. So, I thought I was doing some casual surfing. I should have known better!

As with everything, God's hand was on this too. Funny how we do all these things we think are casual, throwaway actions, but they are all under God's hand, protection and guidance. The bible tells us that our God knows the number of hairs on our head, but often we forget how great a thing that really is. Back to the story ... I track down the church and start browsing their website. On there, under Member Development, they have an online questionnaire for spiritual gifts and temperament. Now God knows that I did a spiritual gifts class, but that was a long time ago. I've heard that our spiritual gifts don't change but have wondered about that for a long time because I've changed so much since when I did that last class. Okay, maybe not so much change as matured, but as always, I wanted to see for myself.

When I took the class way back then, I had three strong gifting areas - Prophecy, Administration and Teaching. Yesterday my gifts showed up as Teaching and Administration. This makes sense to me. I believe the prophecy is still also a gifting, but one that God moves from foreground to background and back at different times in my life. I go through times when God shows me lots of things about the people and world around me, but then I go through other times when the focus is more on internal growth. The focus recently has been on internal growth, putting prophecy into the background.

While I really don't think of myself as a teacher, obviously God does and that is what is important, and administration is another area that just comes naturally like breathing to me. Even if I was to try and stifle it (which I have at times because I haven't wanted the responsibility), it just comes through anyway. Like telling my body I don't want to breathe today, a failed venture from the start.

Now, the most interesting part was the personality test. I'm doing this test, and it didn't seem to make much sense to me. You have to go through and number qualities in each box from 1-4, most unlike to most like yourself. I'm looking at some of the boxes thinking this couldn't possibly work because I'm really not like any of the traits in certain boxes. Oh, me of little faith ;-)

So I do the test and look at the results. My temperament is Melancholy. Okay, is this some kind of a joke? I know I can be moody at times, but I'm much better these days. I'm a happy person overall. When I look at life, I see the glass as half full. How can I be Melancholy? See, this test was definitely flawed! And then I read the description... Oh, me of little faith, it fit me to a T, both the strengths and weaknesses. In the end, it was an incredible encouragement from God, the start to another great day. How wonderful that God knows us and loves us each so well - right down to the number of hairs on my head, or the intricate details of ME - who I am and how he made me, not perfect but perfect for the tasks he sets before me... Thank you Lord!

Should anyone be reading this and wonder what their strengths and temperament are, simply ckick on the title of this post to go to the Member Development page of Belleview Church. On there you'll find the links to both their tests.

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