Friday, October 28, 2005

Week's journey

Well, I haven’t written for about a week, but it’s been a very busy week – with incredible ups and downs.

Friday and Saturday I attended a Willow Creek small groups seminat. Our church is so committed to this cause that they offered to sponsor anyone presently involved in small groups to attend. Since I am involved with Alpha, I qualified. Overall it was a great conference, and most of the information was useful. I looked at it as training for the “big assignment”. There was a lot of good information around interacting with your neighborhood, workplace and neighbours.

But it was a bit ironic that here I am attending workshops about how great small groups can be and how committed the members are to each other, and there I am attending alone. Sure, I am getting to know people at our church and I talked to those I knew periodically, but overall it was an incredibly lonely experience. Go figure, eh?

And then when I came home, I was unbearably depressed. Guess I took it out on D, so we weren’t talking for a couple of days. Great ending to what really was a good conference. I had to force myself to attend church on Sunday. D was mad at me, and expressed it by not going to church. Thank goodness I had R with me, or it would have been another lonely experience.

It could be that God is telling me something. I need to explore this more. I have a great husband and great kids, but good friends are in short supply. That’s not to say I don’t have friends, because I have a couple of long-term friends who know me very well, but we really don’t get together very often. I don’t have many people outside the home to share day-to-day events and struggles with. And then I have co-workers, but they aren’t Christians and I do have to interact with them at work, so they come with their own limitations.

So, that was the conference ….

The rest of the week has just been busy. It’s month end at work, so the days have been packed. I have to admit that by around 3:30 I’m exhausted these days. And then the nights are busy too. Here’s an overview of my week so far:

Monday –     Bought supplies for the cooking night at lunch, and then bought the groceries after work. Came home, made dinner
Tuesday –     Business lunch with bosses & a colleague, pick R up from his tutoring class, rush home to change, head out to church for 1st cooking night, home around 9:00 pm
Wed. -     Regular lunch with K, home to change then out to Forex seminar with D, then out for a dinner date afterwards, home around 10:30
Thurs. -      Staff Lunch meeting, the more meetings in afternoon, pick up R from tutoring class, then was supposed to meet I. for dinner, but she cancelled. Had already arranged for D to take R to typing, so had the rest of the night off at home
Fri -      ????

And now we’re into a busy weekend, but really now – I need to rush off to work, so more updates later.

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