Monday, October 17, 2005

Call to action

It’s Monday morning and we had a great message yesterday. All about milestones and the importance of documenting them. I took it as God’s urging me to continue with my blog record. Pastor Doug spoke about how important it is to document what God is doing so that we can look back, and also so that future generations can look back and learn how great God is through our personal experience, unhindered by our fickle memory.

Pastor Doug is doing a series on the first few chapters of Joshua and Israel’s entrance into the Promised Land. Interesting that this was my area of focus with my personal devotions for most of the early part of this year. Last week’s message was all about how as faith walkers we need to be ready to go when called. That God calls us to be prepared, and then asks us to step out in faith when it seems the most unlikely time. Example was that Joshua was called to lead the Israelites across the Jordan when it was at its highest and mightiest, even though that river was pretty much passable during the dry seasons.

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