Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another September comes to a close...

Well, it seems like fall is making its appearance. This week is in the 20's but there is still that crispness that heralds the coming of the cooler seasons. The end of another summer. The weather wasn't the best this year but it was a great summer nonetheless. Lots of time spent around the pool & the fire pit. Visits with friends and family. The usual outings such as the CNE and Tiff. 
This was a memorable summer for us in so many ways. The trip to the Middle East, Jessica's move to her own apartment, and Robert's move into a missionary capacity, our trip to Chicago and the time spent together. The great send off. Now as we move into fall the house is emptier as the chicks learn to stretch their wings and fly. Lord I so thank you for the wonderful blessing of family that you've given me. They are so precious and far outweigh any hardship I may have endured. I thank you that both the kids reach out to you in trust and faith, waiting on you for direction. What a blessing to my mother's heart. 
And then there's Derek, my life and soul mate, made and set aside specifically for me, my perfect match. Lord I pray that one day the kids will each have their own chance to experience these joys of family for themselves. 
Lord as we enter the next busy season - both in time and in our lives - I pray that your favor would be upon us. Be with us at home, at work and in our various communities, working in and through us. Help us to demonstrate your love to our families. Be with me over the next few months as I travel for work. Be with Jessica in her new job and I pray you would bring good Christian contacts into her life Lord. Give her a desire to seek out a church. May Robert's experiences be an inspiration and tool for you to speak into her life.
Lord I also lift up Robert and all his house mates. Lord be with them, direct them, strengthen them and keep them safe. Work in the hearts of those in their community that the word they deliver would not come back barren but would take root and grow. Lord we lift up Robert's financial support need and trust that you will move in a mighty way. Lord you are the great provider and we are trusting you to meet his all his needs, while teaching him at the same time as you showed me clearly you would. 

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