Friday, June 20, 2014

Things that went right this week

I got back on my diet and lost 6 pounds.
I read my bible each day and I'm up to date on my bible study.
Had a great Father's Day with Jessica and Derek.
I successfully filled in for Lori.
I made strides building relationships with the 2 other teams.
I had a good meeting with Shailesh.
The plan for the truck is coming together and we've actually had a dealership say they could match our price.
God prepared us for the situation with the van and we are in good shape to deal with it.
Derek was home today and started getting the house in order.
I got the budget up to date and some overdue items cleared.
Still really happy about selling the pool heater. Nice to hear from the family about how happy they are with it.
Stocked up on meat for the summer.
Derek got to take the church on an outing to Castle Loma and play tour guide.
Steel got a great call from Answers in Genesis and it's possible God may be opening doors there. They are very welcoming to us for our upcoming visit also.
God is so active in our lives and I just want to praise him! !
Amen awesome week.!!

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