Friday, October 09, 2009

A New Home for the Dresser Family

Today was a momentus day in our life. Okay, so it doesn't quite compare with my wedding day, or the birth of either of the kids, but momentus just the same.

For the past year or two, I've felt the Spirit's urging that we need to 'get ready' and that there were changes ahead. Even back then I sensed he was getting us ready to move. That's a big thing considering we've been in our present home for 16 years now. So, slowly and sometimes frustratingly, we readied ourselves and our home for the future.

This summer, several events came together and we started looking at homes. First we were considering new. We had a model all picked out, we had our financing approved, and then we hit an obstacle. Big enough to make us reconsider the new house. So from there we looked around to see what was available on the resale market.

And it looked promising...we found several homes that seemed suitable in their own way. We attempted to arrange showings, or even to put in offers. It became something of a joke because every time we showed any interest in a property, it sold. Really, incredibly, this seemed to be our fate. Several times we'd be on the doorstep about to enter to view a property and our agent would get a call saying an offer had just come in. What's up with that? One time we had our agent working late into the night preparing an offer on a property we'd just seen, only to find out the next day that it had sold before we even viewed it, but the seller's agent hadn't passed on the info.

Discouraging to say the least. Several friends and family members suggested that maybe I'd got my messages wrong and God wasn't telling us to move. So, I took it to God to see what he had to say. And each time, something else would happen to convince us to continue with the search. Each time, I would sense God saying to be diligent and keep looking, when the time was right we'd find the right house. I felt we'd know it and everything would fall into place. Well, my instincts were right. Last night we found the right house. I knew even before I went to see it. When our agent sent us the detailed listing, I saw that it was an estate sale, so I decided to do a check and see if I could find out any information on the former owners. I found them both. They were a couple in their late 70's, married 58 years. The husband passed away from an illness in April, and the wife passed from a long battle with cancer in Sept. On the surface a sad sorry. But consider this was a family home. The couple lived a good life and according to their obituary had been great life partners. They had 4 kids who probably grew up in the home. I felt this was a nice thing, made me feel it was a happy and well loved home. When we went to see it, the interior was quite dated, but obviously well kept. When Derek and I had started looking, we put together a wish list of the things we would like the house to have:
  • Pool, preferably inground
  • garage, preferably double
  • 4th bedroom and/or above grade family room
  • ensuite bathroom
  • cold cellar
  • large front porch
  • hardwood floors
  • side door
  • side garden
  • good size lot 50 x 100+
  • eat in kitchen & separate dining room
  • mature trees
  • updated kitchen with pot/pan drawers

This house had everything on the list except for the ensuite bathroom. However, both bathrooms are large enough to modify with extra shower in the 2 piece and jacuzzi tub/shower in the main bath. And in both cases, they need updating, so it's not like we have to undo recent updating or live with something we don't like. On top of that, the roof, windows, air conditioning/furnace have all be recently updated. There is a greenhouse window in the kitchen. There are two solar tubes installed for more light. The house comes with a garage door opener and central vac. Even more than we had on our list of wants.

But here is the real kicker that convinced me. All along, I've really liked the Dorset Park area of Milton but one thing nagged at me. Robert still has 1-1/2 years left of school. The rules are that he has to be living in Mississauga to remain in his program. So if we were to move to Milton, we could probably get away hiding it from the school, but that goes against my belief in honesty and I couldn't reconcile with how it could be God's plan if that wasn't worked out. It just wasn't in keeping with God's nature, so it had to either be wrong or God had to work the whole school thing out. Well, he worked it out. The new house is in Mississauga, even closer to Robert's school than we are now. The last major piece clicked into place for me, and I thought 'okay God, this could be it'. And last, but not least, both kids are excited about this house, which is more than I can say about most of the others.

Well, we put in our offer tonight, and while waiting for it to be presented, sure enough another offer came in. So there we are back to renegotiating what we are going to offer, wanting to go with our best offer but not overpay. At the same time, not wanting to miss this house. So, I went with my gut and trusted God that if it was his plan, it would all work out. And it did. They accepted our offer as is. So, tonight we bought a home. Pretty expensive purchase, but very very exciting. I know in my heart that this home has been picked out by God for us. I have no idea what I did to deserve such great love and care, but I am very thankful for it. And for the guidance provided by our Lord so that we have assurance that the decisions we make and the paths we choose are the right ones.

Thank you Lord, help me get through moving day! And help me to sleep because it's now almost 2 am and I have work tomorrow. So far my mind has been buzzing way to much for sleep.


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